i eat heart attacks.

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if i haven't added you on this journal, please check "takeoff_landing".
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i eat heart attacks.

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so, takeoff_landing. yeah its the cool thing ot do.
i swear, this time im not gunna be an emo bitch.
i would like it if yall added me.

schools getting more &more pointless.
lou lou needs to cut his hair, &my bangs are too short.
math &histroy r00l; skye &sarah &brit &kelly in ym classes.
i want to carpool with sarah &elana &skye really badly.
sarah has the nicest house on the block.
shes the greatest, JUST TAKE A CHILL PILL.
k. coke slurpees are the best.
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i eat heart attacks.

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so. i've had this name for a while now. &i need a change. its like the begining of the school year, so i'll start fresh. i've most likely already added you, so you can just click this:the easy way, &if i haven't; then just add me &i'll add you.
k, thx.
good bye like_a_bulletx.
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jealous as always.

picture post was much needed.

i have not made a razor design on body in eons, &it feels great.

My hair looks good black. but it looks radd red. i wish my camera would work so i could you show all of you my k00l red hair. by the way, so whats the answer? takeoff_landing -or- oh_gravity

Jordan looks amazing in jeans. i've saw keithy &brett lately, i love dem. JACK BEE! jay ka<33. lou lou(luis) &me are now bestfriends. sam, no more crying! k. cool. me &nica had a "ehh" day. i love you, forgive me. I like school, i guess. my teacher for choir likes to call me dumb, in her own way. theres not enough time to write notes, tho. i feel very rushed in classes &stuff. i need a break already.

Im not over him, &i saw him today. i twas liek we dind't even know each other. i cry wayy to easily. i think i might give up. saturday night shall never be spoken about again. i want a boyfriend. freds fucking adorable.
me: so how about you &sam?
fred: how about you &me?, our relationship could be more
what a cutie. &yes. i am an emotional roller coaster.

enough about me &my feelings. these pictures are so great.
&i have amazing friends.
friday/ saturday nightCollapse )
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jealous as always.

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new livejournal name.

everyone tell me which one.
....if you have any other suggestions, please tell me.
k, thx.
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jealous as always.

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friday, amcing. went with raquel, jack, kelly, jordan. met brad, &saw the metal crew. got to be taryn with anthony, ;]. slept at nica &ginas, or tania &ashleys. i love it there, free cereal.
went to platt for keith &brett to pick us up, but they didn't. yeah so we hangout with anthony &jackyins &others. then "chilled" with tristan, what a pimp.
tonight sucked. &i'm great at losing friends. yeah, nicas so great when she makes me not cry. whatevahhhs, im emo. of course i don't own him, but hey im gay. thank god my brother loves me &lets me cry on him, same for micheal<3 &robert<3. im over him, yeah right. michela &robert &me are friends forever, i r00l. get some compassion asshole. atleast sarahs open 24 hours.
k. i suck at life.
check ya l8rrrr.
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jealous as always.

god hates me.

luis &raquel; ♥. raquelas so happy, but too bad she couldn't tell me earlier, they were going out. yeah i don't like schoool, i have so much homework.
platt was k00l, because i saw brett &keithy weithy. luckly nica loves me so she walks with me &holds me when i cry. nica &sarah, very very buddy buddy; :[. need to get over jeff soon, i might run out of tears. why do i cry? theres no point, nothings going to be solved. it makes me feel better tho.
went to zoe's after platt. we now have the cutest dance in the world. to the song "what dreams are made of- by hilary duff". chior be ready for some amazingly cute dancing happening.
k. im depressed.
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jealous as always.

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mmm. today was one of those days you'll never forget. its was, good, exhausted, nerve wrecking. schools going well for it being 8th grade. sam &me hangout alot, &nica &sarah &me hangout. sarah m; im me asap. my histroy teacher called me gothic, HAHHA. people need to give me more then on period to reply back to their notes.
platt, chill as usual. some drama, but fuck it. jeff &me walked alone on the way to platt. he made me cry the other day, WHATS UP EMO? i almost started to cry when he was talking to me too. he said he was gunna bring me a rose; CLASSIC. went to nica &ginas with sam after. we chilled, sam left, then me &nica started to dance. i love nica, &gina. friday im hanging with them again.
older people need to learn to be chill. people who use to be my friends, are dickks to me now. so i think im gunna try to be nicer, because i know how it feels. hey brittany wanna help?
k. there was something on my butt, on my skirt all day.
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jealous as always.

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aww. look what my jordanfabordan made for his samanthabot.
yeah yeah my bestfriend is so great.
demonreaperx666:i wanna go out with u.
whatt!??! nahhh, that probably wasn't jeff.
my mom moved my bed &stuff into my brothers room, so i now have two rooms. wayyy cool. tonight is gunna be boring. anyone for the amc?
k. well my hair is cool in little buns.
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